EUROGIA Thematic Green Transition Call
A call for  innovative projects to deliver technology driven green transition and sustainable environmental solutions for European industries.

The EUREKA Cluster Eurogia, together with EUREKA Public Authorities of the participating countries have perceived a common cross domain interest for Technology-driven green transition projects addressing issues such as Energy preservation, Sustainable manufacturing, Bioresources and Biodiversity.

The aim of this Call is to boost the productivity, competitiveness and environmental sensitivity of European industries through using innovative technologies to dramatically reduce their environmental footprint.


Possible Application areas for the
Eureka Clusters Green Transitions Call

  • Offshore Wind turbines, bioenergy, solar panels, fuel cells power to-X, energy storage
  • Hydrogen Fuel cell (production, storage, station)
  • CO2 Capture, Sequestration and Utilization
  • Green and Zero-emission Buildings, Smart cities, heating
  • IT solutions in buildings, smart monitoring, 3D construction, digital twins in housing design
  • AI, IoT, Bigdata, 5G/6G integrated solutions in cities
  • Smart Grids, Micro-Grid, E-mobility
  • Monitoring of the environment and bio resources
  • Drone and satellite monitoring systems of land, rivers, sea Industrial robots, sensors, edge cloud computing, Raman Mass spectrometry, AI, big data
  • … and many more.

Time to invest in Green Transitions

Green transition is the mandatory path to achieve the goals for a sustainable environment, the reduction of climate change and a sustainable growth.  Some of the targeted challenges to achieve these goals are necessary, but not limited to:

  • Carbon-free energy supply,
  • Green mobility and Smart cities,
  • Smarter housings and constructions,
  • Bio resources and environment.

The technologies necessary to tackle these challenges are rapidly developing within a giant market and an ever growing societal concern. In-depth knowledge and leadership in developing and applying them is an essential requirement, if industry is to maintain its leadership in multiple application areas, or take advantage of new opportunities.

This EUROGIA Thematic Green Transition Call is specifically designed to stimulate activity in this important area, through the creation of trans-national collaborative projects in applications that will support economic growth and benefit society as a whole.

Participants are invited to submit applied research and innovation project proposals in the field of Green transition solutions and technologies, indicating, where possible, how they are related to the technological focus area of the participating Clusters most relevant to their proposal.

The blue table shows a non-exclusive list of possible application areas for this Call but other relevant topics are also welcome.

Among the relevant enabling technologies, digitalization, IOT, AI, blockchains, cyber-security , communication, 5G/6G, drones, sensors, new materials, asset management,  recycling, etc. are also expected to play an important role.

Participating Countries

This Eurogia Call on Green transitions support from EUREKA member countries will be listed here


Belgium (Flanders)






South Africa

South Korea


All EUREKA countries are invited to support this Call and/or individual proposals. However, project partners from other EUREKA countries, or countries outside of EUREKA, must secure their national funding within the deadlines for the Call to participate.

In all cases, it is strongly recommended that potential project partners contact their supporting Public Authority to check their eligibility for support under this Call.  Funding eligibility rules per country will be the same as those used currently by these countries for the evaluation of EUREKA Cluster proposals.

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